Michael Scelzi

Michael Scelzi

Michael is an Operating Partner of Washington, DC-based Connected Ventures, LLC. Connected Ventures is a venture catalyst company that owns and operates companies in the real estate, financial services, marketing, mobile & e-commerce, and procurement markets; as well as making strategic investments to provide sales and marketing, product development, and operational leadership across its portfolio companies. In his current role, Michael directs the development and implementation of Connected Services Smart Building Solutions, as well as providing strategic direction and coaching to Connected Ventures’ portfolio companies.

Michael Scelzi has been an entrepreneur and business developer in commercial real estate, building systems, and energy management for 30 years. As Chief Executive Officer of The Energy Control Company he has a proven track record of delivering verifiable and permanent energy savings to commercial real estate.

He holds multiple patents in the energy field including energy analysis, electrical signature analysis, energy reporting, and determining the insulating value of built structures. He is constantly innovating way to disrupt the malaise of the current energy markets by utilizing only the energy necessary to accomplish the task. As well as instigating a fundamental change to how we account for energy: financial accounting is not energy accounting.

He has a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Maritime College, NY, and a Masters of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and holds a Master HVAC license.


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