About Us

We invest in the people, processes, and technology that re-imagine and enable disruptive products, services, and solutions that are driving the digital convergence of the enormous markets we serve including: prop-tech (‘the built world’), clean-tech, fin-tech, insur-tech, e-commerce, supply chain and procurement.

Our strategy is to connect market intelligence with our street savvy know-how, and accelerate new or existing technology solutions with fresh perspectives to create markets for disruptive products and services.

We provide proven operational and financial execution ability, leveraging deep industry ecosystems and our powerful global resource pool of professionals for collaboration, production, and distribution strategies. We identify key consumption signals of the new Digital Convergence that dictate how local products and services are driving market adoption for us to invest, innovate, and disrupt their respective industries.


We are company builders. We invest our own capital, and are deeply engaged in the operations of our portfolio companies to provide a platform supporting all required infrastructure, including: administrative, human resources, legal and financial services, office/work space, and product development.  We collaborate with entrepreneurs and their teams to empower them with strategic capital, connections, and experience, transforming our aligned vision to reality. Our objective is for you and your team to be intensely focused on your core mission, while we foster a culture for continuous innovation, growth, and prosperity.


The entrepreneurs that we invest in all possess key necessary traits of vision, ambition, intelligence, as well as the passion and commitment to win. Whether your business is a technology-enabled solution, a unique product, or is looking to capture an emerging industry trend, we know that capitalizing on the right innovation, at the right time, with the right and brightest minds will ultimately yield financial success.


Where others see challenge, we see opportunity. Every few minutes a big idea is born. And a few minutes later, it disappears. Yet every now and again, somebody makes one of those big ideas happen. What’s their secret? They get help. They get more somebodies. And those somebodies add more ideas to the big idea. Before you know it, that big idea is a big reality. Connected Ventures supports big ideas and the people who have them; and we know that the only thing more powerful than an idea, is the team to see it through.

Conscious Capitalism

Our leaders believe businesses are the true value creators that can push humanity upward for continuous improvement. We understand that when businesses operate with higher purpose beyond profits and create value for all stakeholders, trade-offs are largely eliminated, performance is elevated and the entire system flourishes. By structuring our company around the four core principles of Conscious Capitalism we foster an environment that creates win-wins for customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment, resulting in exceptional customer experiences, less turnover, lower overhead costs, higher profits, and sustained growth. We put a higher purpose on creating value for the community stakeholder at the core of every business decision.  Over the long term, profit is a function of value created for stakeholders, a measure of what was given, not what was taken.

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